Sunday, 25 June 2017

2nd try || Training for the Amsterdam Marathon || 17 weeks to go

After two weeks of totally bumming out of running -seriously it's too hot here right now- I decided enough is enough. It was time to dig deep and find a new type of willpower to make my body healthy, slim, strong and marathon ready.
Especially after an aunt calling me out for becoming more 'sturdy'...what does that even mean?

Monday I ran 3 kilometres In the dying heat, which in the Netherlands is about 28 degrees Celsius. Although it was evening, I tried to follow the trees as the sun was still blaring down.
After, I spent 15 minutes on legs and 10 minutes on abs in a HIIT workout form. Talk about breaking out a sweat! Dripping all over the floor!

Tuesday was Vinyasa yoga day. Starting the workout with a good old meditation and slow stretch, working up through loads of moon and sun salutations and almost to many high planks and Vinyasas.

Wednesday. We had a goodbye dinner for a colleague at work. It was a lot of fun. I did not do any workout other than my daily bike ride to and from work.

Thursday my body felt really tired and my bones kept cracking and my legs ached. I was not feeling it.

Friday was a little better. I decided to do a slow yin yoga stretch via YouTube. Getting ready for a 10k run tomorrow!

Saturday: and so I did that, a 10k run. It took some convincing to get up early to avoid the heat. When I woke up our cat Luna was snuggled up against me purring away. After some cuddles I got up anyway, and stepped out into the rain. Hashtag goals achieved!

I finished the week with a nice 30 minute walk on Sunday.

--- --- ---

Next week more running, more yoga and a calisthenics class?

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