Tuesday, 22 August 2017

2nd try || Training for the Amsterdam Marathon || 9 weeks to go

Monday started with a 5k run, short but sweet. Tuesday was my regular yoga session, vinyasa. Where I sweated through many a vinyasa plank. 
Wednesday was a rest day, and then Thursday I ran through the most amazing sunset over Amsterdam for 8K. Is that pick sky not super inspiring and motivating to get outside?
Friday I smashed out a 20 minute HIIT workout I found on Youtube. And I finished the week off with a 20 K run, through Amsterdam, up to the North and through the fields near Ransdorp.
And back to Monday! Swimming for 30 minutes in the medium lane, brought my heart rate right up. 
Tuesday I was back to my Vinyasa yoga and Thursday I was off to Bristol for the UK Barista Championship finals, sitting on the Tamper Tantrum panel. And we did a lot of walking. A. Lot...

Also...just 9 weeks to go...that is scary!

Monday, 7 August 2017

2nd try || Training for the Amsterdam Marathon || 11 weeks to go

What a hectic couple of weeks it has been. The days are flying by, and as I wrote down 11 weeks to go, I had a little panic attack...just 11 weeks to go? That's officially less than 3 months! Let's recap the last two weeks. I went for a 5K run on Monday two weeks ago. Taking a day off on Tuesday and back to vinyasa yoga on Wednesday. On Thursday I had an interview with a coffee magazine, so that was my day done. I did spend some time walking through Rotterdam. And finally I moved my long distance run to Friday as I was flying off to Lima, Peru on Saturday. It was a lovely run, 18K through the East of Amsterdam. I split it into 3 sets of 6K, taking some energy gels after every set. Overall I was able to keep a stable speed. Then from Saturday till Saturday I was in Peru! It was an amazing trip where I travelled to the North, to the regions of Cajamarca and Amazonas to visit coffee producers. And although I spent some time climbing steep coffee slopes in the mountains, I mostly sat in a car all day. So time to step it up again this week!


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