Sunday, 24 April 2016

Training for the Amsterdam Marathon II week 5

A basic week this week. First a 40 minute run on Monday, a halve hour yoga session on Wednesday and a long distance run on Saturday.

This week I did change some other things though. The vegan diet has always intrigued me, because every single vegan you talk to says it gives them so much energy. But I'm never really sure what to make. So this week I picked a couple of easy 30 minute vegan recipes from the Bloglovin - the Edit
Especially the cauliflower rice, and the kimchi quinoa was amazingly scrumptious.
I'll probably not turn 100% vegan, but it was great to try for a week and discover some recipes that I enjoy, that are easy to make and that are meat and dairy free.

In line with that I bought a protein powder that is raw, vegan, and soy free. Now that I'm training more, I want to make sure my body does not feel abandoned after a workout. With the protein I can help my muscles out after a long workout. 
I've never used a protein powder, so I do not use it after every workout. Like, after a short 30-40 minute run a sandwich will do, but I do like it after a long and harder workout. Just to get used to it too. 

I did not want some strange protein, so after some research I found a plant based protein that is also soy free, which is important, because I do not want to have to much soy products as they are so high in hormones.

The taste is pretty awful so you do need to disguise it somewhat. I mixed a handful of spinach, with 5 sprigs of fresh mint, a slice of green melon with water and a scoop of the vanilla protein powder, and it tasted amazing! This protein is a bit grainy, which I gather from the internet is unusual. But I don't mind it.


Next week I'm in Antwerp for work until Wednesday, and its a full program from morning till late in the evening, so I'm not sure if I can do a short run. So I will have to make up for that from Thursday till Sunday, with an interval and a 90 minute run.

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