Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Vinyasa Yoga Tuesday

Tuesday, yoga day. I once started yoga during a yoga challenge (two years ago?! Time moves fast). I was suffering from a knee injury from running a half marathon and according to my physical therapist all my hip and leg joints were too short. And thus...yoga.

And although I am still not able to rest my leg in my thigh during the tree pose, I have seen progress. Stronger arms, from all the planks, straighter legs in all the warrior poses and more ambition to once be able to do a head stand. 

There are some great places to do yoga in Amsterdam, a lot of which I got to see during the yoga challenge two years ago, such as De Nieuwe Yoga School and the Yogagarden, but I love my little Sukha Yoga room on the Ceintuurbaan. Sukha's yoga room has beautiful high ceilings and the interior is always slightly different, which keeps you guessing where you can find the yoga blocks. I always love (small) surprises.

Not only is yoga great for posture and flexibility, but it really focuses on core strength, which is essential for a good long run.  

New, small goal, for 2016 finally getting that unobtainable head stand in my yoga portfolio. Especially after today's class, where legs were flying into the air all around me all the time. 

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