Sunday, 3 April 2016

Monthly Tryout II Aerial Yoga

A new monthly tryout and it's aerial yoga! Aerial yoga combines aerobatic arts and yoga. Because of the silk drapes you can really extend your stretches. Because you have to use your core to keep yourself steady and not swinging all around the room it also provides a hefty core workout. Plus, because you get great support from the 'silks' you are less likely to get injuries. Plus, plus, plus.

There are not a lot of places where you can practise aerial yoga. In Amsterdam you can find an overview here. But luckily there was a place not to far from my house. At Thrive we spun round, got to hang upside down and swing back and forth. 

Some do get nauseous from the swinging or the upside down hanging, but if you are not prone to getting dizzy, you should be fine. And the best part? Shavasana is spend lying in the silk gently swinging back and forth. So relaxing.

At Thrive tryouts are EU15 euros for a lesson of one and a halve hour, but make sure to get a place well in advance, it gets busy.

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