Sunday, 3 April 2016

Training for the Amsterdam Marathon II week 2

At the start of the week the days just seemed to slip away from me. I worked late on Monday and just wanted to have dinner and go to bed. A whatsapp message from the BF concerning my willpower and how I'm either training it or letting it die...Prompting me to put on my running shoes and going out there. It was horrible. I was tired. I didn't have time to digest my food and kept burping all the way. In the end I ran for 4km instead of 5, but I did go and I think it did help me motivate myself for the rest of the week. Although Tuesday I was at home on the couch chillaxing...
Wednesday I went out for my interval training, running up and down the waterfront near my house, 5 times 4 minutes. Exhausting.

Thursday, as part of my monthly tryouts, I went and did aerial yoga, hanging from the silk drapes and working my core. It was great! You can read more on this here.

Saturday was my long distance run day. For 70 minutes I ran up the Amstel again, only this week I ran into the city towards the zoo. I hate running in the city, with all the traffic lights, bikes, so I always try finding a route that gives me the best possibility of not having to stop. Because if I stop, I stop and walk instead of run. After I went to the Rijksmuseum to visit the Breitner exhibit with my mom and sister and ended the day with a full Ethiopian dinner with injera. 


Next week I have to run 3 times again. My short run on Monday will consist of 40 minutes of running, the interval on Thursday will be 7 (!) times 4 minutes and an 80 minute long distance run. Let's see how my willpower evolves...

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