Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fitness and Food Goals

The dreaded new year's resolutions...Become a morning person. Eat better. Run more. Add weights to your routine. Become more flexible, literally and figuratively. Get out more. Say yes. Always take the stairs...

2015 was a great year. Travel-wise; a white ski getaway, an eventful summer road trip through Scandinavia, a short Oslo birthday surprise and some awesome work trips all across Europe and even Chicago. Blog-wise; an interview with world's leading coffee news website Sprudge on a subject dear to my heart. Work-wise; educational courses not only followed, but passed. All and health-wise.

2015 was not a great year of fitness. I got a lot of colds and flu's. I participated in fewer running events, and the ones I did participate in were finished in turtle tempo. I gained a few pounds, which is not too bad in and of itself, however my otherwise fabulous wardrobe is getting a little too snug in certain places.
And so, I came to the new year's resolution to become fit again; move more, eat better and feel healthy. 
And I thought I would take you along for the ride. You know, to keep me motivated. And who knows, to get you motivated to move more too.

So, what's the plan? As of January 1st I will keep you updated regularly on my fitness regime, with training schedules, healthy foods, running routes, fitness diaries and probable weak moments. And then, hopefully run a marathon at the end of 2016. Any great tips for which one to run? Let me know! I'm still looking.

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