Sunday, 29 January 2017

New Beginnings...and Running Schedules

2017 has begun. It marks the end of many things, one of them being the end of my physical therapy. And so it also marks the beginning of a new running schedule!
The plan? Run the Amsterdam Marathon for real this year. So 42KM in October. Meaning, the schedule starts today! 

As I've not run, really, since August 2016, and basically not only not run but not done anything, it's important to start slowly. Minute per minute, to avoid new injuries and the oh so scary shin splints. In order to get to 42KM in the fall, I've split the training into three blocks. Block 1: build up to 10KM. Block 2: build up to 22KM. Block 3 build up to the marathon. 

First up - block 1
I found this schedule a while ago online. Unfortunately I cannot remember where. But I have adopted it into my calendar. It should have me up to an hour of running, or about 10KM on the first of April. Let's see how I go, I'm looking forward to it! And that is halve the work, right?

I'm starting on week 4 in the schedule, so my schedule will look as follows:
week 4 - 6x2 minutes
week 5 - 12x2 minutes and 6x3 minutes
week 6 - 8x3 minutes and 10x3 minutes
week 7 - 12x3 minutes and 6x4 minutes
week 8 - 8x4 minutes and 10x4 minutes
week 9 - 12x4 minutes and 6x5 minutes
week 10 - 8x5 minutes and 10x5 minutes
week 11 - 12x5 minutes and 6x10 minutes
week 12 - 3x20 minutes and 6x10 minutes
week 13 - 1x60 minutes and 1x70 minutes (sounding off the bell for the next round, building up to 22K) 

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