Sunday, 12 June 2016

Training for the Amsterdam Marathon II week 7-12

It's been quiet on here. I'm sorry. It's been a tough few weeks. I noticed that even with the new shoes, my legs and hip kept hurting after 6-7 kilometres, forcing me to stop running and walk about 10 minutes before being able to run a few kilometres again.

It was awful and scary. I'm training for a marathon. I don't have time for pain and injury...

I quickly booked an appointment with a physical therapist. One that was, really quite honestly, just a little bit too far away for my liking, but who came highly recommended. 

Lucky for me the issue was quite easy to resolve, as it was just a muscle issue and nothing deeper. So after a couple of weeks of dry needling I was able to run a longer distance again.

And so I did. I carefully started building on my long distance runs and Sunday the 12th I ran the half marathon of Almere. Which is a beautiful run, mainly consisting of parks, running by water and forests. What was also pleasant was that it was not as crowded as most runs, leaving ample space for me to just trot along on a narrow path looking at the greenery and the huge swans flying over head.

And I ran it without pain. Yes I was at the end of my willingness to run after 21km, but no pain, no sores, even no rub marks. And even not too much muscle ache the next day. I felt fit as a bird!

As of next week I move from my half marathon training to my full marathon training, upping the runs per week to 4 times. A short distance on Monday and Thursday. An interval or strength training on Wednesday and a long distance on Saturday. 

Let's keep on running, Amsterdam Marathon, here I come.

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